Chicago Social Security Disability LawyerOne of the subjects you will be expected to talk about at your Social Security disability hearing is your physical limitations and what you are able to do in light of your disability. The judge will probably ask you questions such as “How long can you stand?” or “How long can you sit?” Your Chicago Social Security disability lawyer will advise you that these questions are somewhat open-ended and open to interpretation.

It would be a mistake to assume the worst case for each question and give a simple answer to your Chicago Social Security disability lawyer. For example, the judge is not asking “How long are you able to stand before your pain is so extreme that you have to go to bed?” You should not answer this question with a flat “one hour,” as if that is the absolute worst case you can endure. Remember, the judge is inquiring into your ability to do work and hold normal work responsibilities. Your Chicago Social Security disability attorney will want you to consider how long you are able to stand in a typical work situation where you might be able to sit down and stand up again over the course of a normal workday.

When answering these questions, your Chicago Social Security disability attorney will advise you to consider giving detailed anecdotes and examples. For example, talk about how when you had to wash dishes the other night; it took you over an hour, but you had to go lie down for half an hour afterward because you were in so much pain. The latter part is crucial: without it, the judge will think you can stand for an hour without any problems.

A similar problem of interpretation occurs with questions related to sitting. The judge might ask how long you can sit, to which you might say “20 minutes.” But this will make the judge curious if you have been sitting down at your hearing for close to an hour already. Be sure to clarify that you will have to stand or lie down for a while if you sit for that long.

If you want more information about preparing for your disability hearing, get help from a Chicago Social Security disability lawyer. Call Chicago Disability Law .