Our Chicago Railroad Disability Lawyer Explains Railroad Disability Claims

Chicago Railroad Disability Lawyer - Legal BooksIf you are a current or former railroad worker, you may qualify for disability benefits from the United States Railroad Retirement Board’s disability benefits program.  Your injury does not need to be work-related, but you must not be able to continue to perform your job because of a disability.

Railroad disability benefits are intended to provide benefits similar to those available to other individuals under the Social Security Act. Claims are closely regulated and decided by detailed case law, similar to Social Security benefits. It is imperative to have a Chicago Railroad Disability Lawyer on your side to protect your rights.

Unfortunately, many people who apply for benefits without the help of a Chicago railroad disability lawyer have their claims denied. It is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced Chicago Railroad Disability Lawyer guide you from the beginning stages of your claim and help you fight for your rights.

A Chicago railroad disability lawyer can help you at all stages including applying for disability benefits, reconsideration, or representing you at a hearing before a Hearing Officer of the Railroad Retirement Board, located in Chicago, Illinois.

The Railroad Retirement Board has internal appeal procedures, and an appellant must file an appeal directly to the Circuit Court of Appeals if the claim is lost before the Railroad Retirement Board. Representation before the Board protects your rights.

The Hearing Officer may have an expert testify about what jobs you can perform and cross-examination of the expert can be essential in being awarded benefits. Our attorneys are top negotiators and litigators of these types of claims.

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