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If the Social Security Administration has asked you to submit to a consultative exam, our Chicago Social Security disability lawyer can provide you with additional information. This medical exam is usually conducted by an examiner from the Disability Determination Services who can take care of your claim. However, not all applicants will need to attend a consultative exam. The DDS examiner will review your case and check the date of your last doctor’s exam as well as look at the amount of documentation that your file contains.

Procedure the SSA Follows when Requesting Consultative Exams

The SSA will send you a letter requesting the exam. However, your primary care physician will not conduct the exam. Instead, the SSA will send you to an independent doctor contracted by their agency. The SSA is usually looking for updated medical information, such as an x-ray, tests, or a further assessment. In some cases, it might be that you haven’t been to the doctor in some time. As an aside, you should make sure that you keep all scheduled doctor appointments as ordered.

In addition, attend treatment or physical therapy as directed, and take any medication that the doctor prescribes. If you fail to keep the CE appointment, your claim could be denied. If you need to miss the exam, call your DDS officer and the CE doctor as soon as possible in order to schedule another appointment. If you have other questions or concerns, call the professionals at our Chicago disability law firm.

The DDS Examiner’s Role

Once you meet with the doctor, he or she will send the information to the DDS examiner. Your medical exam might include various tests, evaluations, blood work, eye or hearing tests, or other exams. The physician’s goal is to give the DDS as much information as possible about your medical health. However, he or she will not recommend treatment or write any prescriptions. Our Chicago Social Security disability lawyer can provide you with tips on this process.

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