Chicago Social Security Disability Attorneys Explain Filing an Appeal

Many persons who are qualified for Social Security disability benefits are initially denied.  If you have previously applied and have been denied, it is still possible for you to collect benefits.  All applicants whose initial application for disability benefits has been denied have the right to file an appeal. Experienced Chicago Social Security disability attorneys can discuss your case with you and help you determine whether or not you would like to proceed with the appeals process.

Why You Should Appeal

Some applicants who are initially denied Social Security disability benefits wrongly assume that they are simply not eligible.  The truth is the Social Security Administration often makes the wrong decision.  Statistics show that over half of initial applications for disability benefits are denied.  However, more than half of the applicants who choose to appeal go on to successfully obtain benefits at some stage of the appeals process.  If you are willing to go through the appeals process, then there is a chance that you can still obtain the benefits that you need.

Why You Need an Attorney

Applicants who choose to retain counsel almost double their chances of filing a successful appeal.  This is because experienced Chicago Social Security disability attorneys have a clear understanding of disability law and will be able to determine what is needed in order for your appeal to be successful.  If you choose to retain counsel, your attorney will evaluate your initial application to determine why it was denied.  Your attorney will then help you gather any information that you may need in order to prove your case.  If your appeal progresses to the hearing level, your attorney will also represent you in court and will prepare any witnesses that you may need to testify on your behalf.

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