doctor exam North Shore Social Security IL AttorneysIf you are trying to decide if you have engaged in substantial gainful activity as a self-employed individual, contact our North Shore Social Security IL attorneys. Our professionals can provide you with further information about what qualifies as SGA according to the Social Security Administration.

  1. Significant Services Resulting in Substantial Income: You are involved in SGA if you offer significant services to others and received more than the maximum allowed per the guidelines, which are also used for employees. Even if you are receiving less than the listed amount, you might meet the SGA criteria found in the other two tests. You can review additional details about SGA with our North Shore Social Security IL attorney.
  2. Similar Work: Similar or comparable work means that you are engaged in similar work when compared with another person when it comes to your skill level, duties, hours, responsibilities, and effort. Our North Shore Social Security IL attorney can provide you with clarification if you have questions about this test.
  3. Worth or Value of Work. The third test states that your work might not be comparable to a person who is not impaired. However, your work is still worth more than that allowable by the SGA Earnings Guidelines. Your work provides value to the company, and if the owner paid an employee a salary to fulfill your duties, your worth would be higher than the allowable SGA.

Additional Considerations

The SSA has specific guidelines that apply to each of these tests. For example, even if you only work a few hours each month, your work will likely meet the requirement for SGA if you are the only person working for the business. The maximum amount of time you can contribute toward the management of the business is 45 hours per month even if others help manage it.

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