One of the most important things that your Chicago Social Security attorney can explain to you is how to describe your physical limitations. The administrative judge or case administrator for your disability case needs to be able to understand completely how your disability has impacted your life. Correctly explaining your imitations is the best way to get a favorable ruling in your case.

The Four Questions

The administrative judge will ask you the following four questions as part of your hearing:

  • How far can you walk?
  • How long can you stand?
  • How much can you lift?
  • How long can you sit?

Of course, they will ask other questions, but these four are the main questions in determining your disability. Your answers to these questions will have the most impact on your case.

How to Answer the Questions

You want to answer the questions as if you are answering a friend. The judge is trying to determine your abilities in the work place. So when you answer, try to answer in a way relevant to the work place. For instance, if they ask how long can you sit? Don’t just spout out “20 minutes.” The judge will sit there and think this is not the truth because you may have been sitting in the courtroom for almost an hour at that time. Answer something like “After about 20 minutes it becomes very uncomfortable for me to sit in one place so I either need to move around or I have to do something to ease the pain like elevate my feet.” This gives the judge a clearer picture of how the pain impacts your life. Your Chicago Social Security attorney may even encourage you to elaborate more on the answer like stating that “after sitting for extended periods of time, I have to go lie down to ease the pain in my back.” Being very truthful with the judge and making them understand the extent of the pain is very important to your case. However, always keep it truthful, and never claim symptoms that you are not experiencing.

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