Chicago social security disability lawyer - Social Security CardThere are a number of dos and don’ts regarding claimants’ behavior at their disability benefits hearings. Prior to attending a benefits hearing in front of an administrative law judge, it is best for applicants to discuss the following best practices and potentially harmful actions with their Chicago Social Security disability lawyer.

A Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyer Will Prod Claimants to Stay on Topic

Social Security disability benefits applicants sometimes stray off topic when testifying at their hearings, which can alienate judges or cause the important case elements to get lost among unimportant testimony.

One best practice to take into account when testifying at a hearing is to avoid the following irrelevant topics.

  • The pay rate of a particular position and whether the amount is enough to sustain the claimant’s lifestyle;
  • The unavailability of relevant job positions in the applicant’s geographic area;
  • The applicant’s occupational and workplace preferences;
  • Economic stability; and
  • The difficulty of a job search or the inability to locate a desired position.

A Claimant’s Behavior at the Hearing is Extremely Influential

A basic rule of thumb for Social Security disability hearings is to be honest and act normally. An experienced Chicago Social Security disability lawyer knows that the fastest way to make a negative impression upon a judge is to overemphasize incapacities.

Basically, administrative law judges will form an opinion about claimants as they uncover the information relevant to the case. If they believe an applicant is being dishonest, overdramatizing their situation or attempting to accrue sympathy for their case, the hearing judge might rule unfavorably against the applicant.

Deserving Applicants Vs. Undeserving Applicants

Some applicants may believe that a judge might be more apt to award them benefits if they appear sympathetic or morally deserving, but a Chicago Social Security disability attorney can explain that this is untrue. Judges assess Social Security disability benefits applicants based solely upon need.

Seek Legal Assistance From A Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyer

An accomplished Chicago Social Security disability lawyer from Chicago Disability Law might be able to guide you through behavioral dos and don’ts prior to your disability benefits hearing. Call us to discuss your case now.