Chicago Social Security disability attorney - CourthouseAccording to a Chicago Social Security disability attorney, you will face many questions during your hearing that may not seem relevant to your case, and these tend to be less influential on the final decision. What is most important is that you demonstrate your individual limitations. Here’s a rundown of some of the common education-related questions that you will be asked during your testimony.

Background and Education Questions

The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) will ask your name, address and Social Security number. You will also be asked to provide your date of birth, age and the age at which your disability arose. Questions about your education, such as the highest grade completed, will also be posed. If you did not finish high school, you will be asked if you earned a G.E.D.

Language Fluency Cases

If you do not have fluency in English, the ALJ will ask questions about your language and background. The ALJ will inquire where you were born and educated, when you arrived in the United States and the language that you grew up speaking. He or she will also ask you questions about your current language skills, the language spoken in your home, who reads the mail at your house and whether you can read in another language. Your Chicago social security disability attorney can prepare you to answer these questions in the best possible way.

Mental Retardation Cases

When the case is related to mental retardation, the ALJ will inquire about whether you attended special education classes in school and how you performed. You will also be asked if your reading level meets or exceeds an 8th grade level, which is considered average. If your reading level is below average, you will be asked if you can read and understand a newspaper or if you can compose simple messages, instructions or inventory lists.

Literacy Cases

If you are illiterate, the ALJ will ask a series of questions related to this disability. You will be asked who does your reading and how you were able to get a driver’s license and fill out SSA forms. The judge will also inquire about your ability to submit job applications. Questions about your job abilities, such as your ability to perform math equations, may also be posed.

Contact A Chicago Social Security Disability Attorney

In literacy cases, you will also be asked about your history of vocational, on-the-job and military training.When you’re navigating the disability process, it’s vital to have a Chicago social security disability attorney by your side to support you in preparing and providing your testimony. Call us to work with a Chicago social security disability attorney at Chicago Disability Law so you can fight for the benefits you deserve.