If you are under age 50, your Chicago social security attorney will need to show that you are unable to work at a sedentary job in your disability case. Sedentary work is a job that is easy and that does not require you to lift more than 10 pounds. Here is how you can successfully show that you are unable to do sedentary work.

The Test

The Social Security Administration will consider several things. They will consider whether you have the ability to work in a full-time capacity. Full-time work is defined as work that requires your being there 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and on an ongoing basis. Your work must also be of a sufficient quality and pace to match that of others who are similarly situated.

Reasons Why You are Unable to do Sedentary Work

Sedentary work requires you to sit for at least six hours each day. Neck, leg, or back problems that limit your ability to do so may be evidence you can’t do sedentary work.

If you have stiffness and pain in your fingers or hands that limit your ability to grasp objects or shoulder and arm injuries that make reaching and handling difficult may also mean you can’t do sedentary work.

If you have regular flare-ups that would make you miss work often or you have chronic fatigue, making your work pace too slow, your claim may be successful.

If your need for walking, using the bathroom frequently or lying down makes you leave your desk too often, you may be unable to do sedentary work.

You may be found to be disabled if you have a mental condition that makes it difficult to concentrate or to remember instructions.

Contact a Chicago Social Security Attorney

Your attorney will work with you to determine your own reasons and to gather the needed evidence for why you can’t do sedentary work. To schedule a consultation with a Chicago Social Security Attorney, call us today.