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A question frequently asked by a client of a Chicago Social Security attorney involves how the medical records will be utilized by the Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ, in the hearing.

A Lawyer From a Chicago Social Security Law Firm Knows Which Portions of the Medical Records Are Important
When you and your Chicago Social Security attorney file for benefits, it is necessary for you to have been disabled for twelve months. Many seeking Social Security disability benefits suffer highs and lows, but the plateaus are most important to the case.

Questions Your Chicago Social Security Attorney Might Ask
Your Chicago Social Security attorney might ask the following:

  1. You suffered your injury while working on February 1, 20_, correct?
  2. You didn’t return to work after that, is that correct?
  3. As your condition worsened, you underwent medical testing that found a ruptured disc for which you had surgery on June 1, 20_?
  4. You had recovered from your surgical procedure by the summer of 20_, correct?
  5. By October 1, 20_, your physician informed the insurance company that you had reached a plateau and you are still suffering from the same issues now?

A Chicago Social Security Attorney Will Ask Questions About Your Treatment
Questions about previous medical treatment will be limited, but your attorney from the Chicago Social Security law firm will ask questions regarding ongoing treatment such as:

  1. Who is giving you treatment?
  2. What do they specialize in?
  3. How often do you receive treatment?
  4. Are you taking medication? Does it help? Are there side effects? How much are you taking?
  5. If you aren’t taking medication or receiving treatment, why not?

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If you have questions about your Social Security disability hearing and what the ALJ will look for in your medical records and testimony, a Chicago Social Security attorney can help. Call Chicago Disability Law today.