Chicago Social Security attorneys - Man Looking Through FilesThere can be no finer example of government bureaucracy in action than the Social Security Administration. This is the type of multilayer agency that can make filing a disability claim a daunting challenge. This doesn’t have to be stressful situation when you can get the help of skilled Chicago Social Security attorneys. These are the lawyers who are trained to navigate through the maze of paperwork and filing deadlines. Enlisting the services of Chicago Social Security lawyers is your best choice for moving your claim forward.

The Size and Scope of the SSA

In your first consolation with any Chicago Social Security attorneys, you’ll be presented with the levels of bureaucracy that you’ll be squaring off against. This includes upwards of 57,000 employees in the general administration and up to 8,000 employees working in the SSA Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. These are the offices that your Chicago Social Security attorneys will directly be dealing with on your behalf.

Consider also that there are two distinct disability programs within the SSA. These would be Social Security disability and SSI. It is potentially a complicated system to work through, which is all the more reason why you need Chicago Social Security lawyers who have already squared off against the administration.

Getting Pass the Firewalls

The first call your Chicago Social Security lawyers will make for your claim could find them coming up against a low level manager who doesn’t have the authority to make decisions that will affect your case. Here is where your Chicago Social Security lawyer will be able to leap over those “firewalls” and get your claim in front of the right SSA representative. There is also the state vs. federal levels to contend with. Again, it is only the skill of Chicago Social Security attorneys that can prove successful in these matters.

Consult With the Right Chicago Social Security Attorneys

As you prepare to file your claim, you should be retaining the services of capable Chicago Social Security attorneys like Chicago Disability Law. They have been successfully handling these types of cases for several years and have a long list of satisfied clients. They have the experience and the knowledge that will be a great stress reducer as you await the resolution of your claim. Call their offices today to set up your consultation with these dependable Chicago Social Security attorneys.