Chicago Social Security lawyer - Doctor Looking at Medical GraphCan My Chicago Social Security Lawyer Help to Develop the Medical Evidence in My Disability Case?

A good Chicago Social Security lawyer understands that the crucial question in any disability case is whether an individual claimant can work eight hours for each of the five workdays every week. An excellent Chicago Social Security lawyer understands how important medical evidence from your treating physician is in establishing your inability to work and where to draw the line with medical testing and evaluations. Let our legal experts help you develop the medical evidence in your case to increase your chances of winning.

Should My Chicago Social Security Lawyer Request a Functional Capacity Evaluation to Prove That I Can’t Do Sedentary Work?
Your Chicago Social Security lawyer probably won’t request a functional capacity evaluation. These tests are not always reliable in assessing whether or not you can complete a 40-hour work week. Functional evaluations often conclude that a claimant, especially one under 50, can do sedentary work. Sedentary work involves sitting for six hours in an eight-hour workday, lifting 10 pounds occasionally and lighter objects frequently. Your Chicago Social Security attorney may rely instead on reports from the treating physician that you have developed a relationship with who has had the opportunity to treat and observe you over time.

The Role of Your Treating Physician 
At the hearing, substantial weight goes to the opinion of your treating physician, especially if your doctor has developed a longitudinal perspective on your medical conditions. Such opinions will be given more weight than a doctor who has only examined you one time. If your treating doctor’s opinions conflict with the one-time opinion of a so called expert, you need to call a Chicago Social Security attorney. A good Chicago Social Security lawyer understands the role of the treating physician and won’t be intimidated by individual medical reports or isolated findings.

Call a Chicago Social Security Lawyer
Before you ask your doctor to perform a functional capacity evaluation, you should speak to a Chicago Social Security attorney.