Social Security and Long Term Disability Benefits Law Firm

Your disability  attorneys in Chicago, Illinois and the Midwest

You work hard for your money and benefits.  When it comes time to use those benefits, you should not have to fight an insurance company or the Social Security Administration to get what you have earned and deserve.  Your job is to work with your doctors and other health care professionals to restore your health and rehabilitate yourself as much as possible.  Our job is to handle the claim forms, legal proceedings, and the insurance and government bureaucrats. Our Chicago disability attorneys work to get everything you are entitled to, whether you are dealing with—

  • Employee health or retirement benefits covered by the ERISA law
  • Social Security or Medicare
  • Private long term disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance

With decades in the business, our Illinois disability attorneys are uniquely equipped to handle your health, life, and disability insurance and benefits issues. Your disability lawyers in Illinois and accross the Mid West.

Chicago Illinois Disability insurance lawyers focused on your rights

We limit our practice exclusively to disability insurance and employee benefits so that we can focus on providing you with the most up-to-date and accurate legal advice about your claims.  We know benefits law inside and out.  Whether you need an Illinois ERISA lawyer or social security disability attorney, we can help you with your claim.  In fact, we teach lawyers and law students, and we write articles for publication in professional journals on just these topics:

  • Disability insurance law
  • Social Security and Medicare

We take pride in our knowledge of these burgeoning fields law.  From the initial assessment of the case through the appellate process, if  necessary, our attorneys let you know exactly what your rights are, how to best approach the claim, and what your best avenue for resolution can be.  We represent people in administrative proceedings, in court, and through alternative dispute resolution measures, like arbitration.

Recovering employee benefits in Chicago and throughout the Midwest

From our office in Chicago, we represent employees seeking disability insurance and employee benefits in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.  Our clients include—

  • Skilled trades workers
  • Business owners and executives
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Commodities and securities traders
  • Professional athletes

We concentrate our practice in disability benefits law and employee rights so that we can focus on your claims. Helping clients with disabilities in Chicago.  If you need benefits counsel and legal advice that you can trust, contact us today.