Chicago Social Security attorney - Social Security CardsClients of a Chicago Social Security attorney often have questions about how to provide estimates of pain frequency and other symptoms they experience.

How to Express Estimates of Pain and Other Symptoms

If the symptoms experienced are intermittent, it is important to prepare how to explain its frequency. In many cases, people don’t provide an adequate amount of information in this regard. An answer stating that the pain or other symptoms occur “sometimes,” “once in a while” or “on occasion” is not sufficient.

With this kind of answer, the judge won’t understand whether the pain or symptoms occur ten times a month, twice a week or five times a year. The more information provided, the clearer it will be to the judge and the better it is for a Chicago Social Security attorney in trying to prove the case.

Provide an Estimate as to How Intense the Pain or Symptoms Are

It might be necessary to give context as to the amount of pain and how intense it is. A good way to do this is to use a scale from 1 to 10. Doctors and therapists often use this scale. 1 would be no pain and 10 would be the worst pain ever felt. Exaggeration can be worse than a lack of clarity. Remembering the worst pain ever experienced and remembering how it affected you is key.

Were you unable to get out of bed or go to the bathroom by yourself? Or did you simply have to lie on the couch but were able to move when it was absolutely required? Imagery can be important for the judge. If a person testifies that he or she has a pain level of 10 but is able to testify without showing signs of pain, that could be seen as embellishing for the sake of receiving benefits.

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