One of the most common questions a North Shore Social Security IL attorney is asked is what happens at a disability hearing. While each hearing is going to be a little different based on the case information and type of disability, there is a common theme throughout these hearings. The following information should help clarify what you should expect once you arrive for your hearing.

Arrival Time and Apparel

When you are given the time and date of your hearing, unless otherwise notified by your attorney, arrive at least a half hour early. These hearings always begin on time and if you are late, even by a few minutes, your case could be rescheduled or dismissed. Your North Shore Social Security IL attorney will provide you with any additional arrival time information if necessary. Always allow time to park and get to the Courthouse. Since this is an official hearing, you should dress in a manner that you would to go to a job interview or to church. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, flip flops, and other ultra-casual wear should be avoided if possible. Many judges take casual clothing in their courtrooms as a sign of disrespect. It is always in your favor to dress in an appropriate manner.

Talking About Your Case

When you arrive to the hearing, do not talk about your case to anyone or with anyone, even in semi-private settings like the rest room. You want to keep all information to yourself until you are asked questions during the hearing. The conference room where your hearing will take place will be similar to a business conference room with a table and chairs for everyone to sit at and discuss the case. Do not start speaking about your case until asked, and then only answer what has been asked. Your attorney will explain all of this to you prior to arrival. During the hearing there may be experts or other witnesses called in to provide information about your case. The judge is known as an Administrative Law Judge and holds the same authority as any other judge; make sure that you show respect. In the end of the hearing the judge will review the data and give an opinion on whether the disability has been granted.

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