Chicago Social Security Law Firm - SSA Logo Back injuries rank as one of the most common reasons for people to seek Social Security disability benefits, and lower back pain tops the list of back-related issues. However, a medical report might not show the severity of the problem despite the claimant suffering from pain, chronic muscular issues and limited mobility or even the ability to remain in one position for any length of time. The professionals at our  Chicago Social Security law firm can discuss your case with you if you are suffering from back pain.

Back Pain and X-Rays

Medical imaging tests including x-rays, might not be able to document a person’s pain or symptoms. They could be suffering from serious joint or bone deterioration yet exhibit few, if any, symptoms while others with apparently mild x-ray results face extreme pain. The Social Security Administration acknowledges the disparity between how a person feels and functions and the results of medical imaging tests.

Even so, an administrative law judge may not take a person’s claim seriously if the x-rays do not confirm their pain levels, and they routinely deny benefits on the grounds that the medical imaging tests do not back up the person’s claims. Our Chicago SSD attorney has experience in countering these challenges, so talk to us for help with your case.

Pain and Lumbar Range of Motion

The ALJ will also look at the range of motion in the lower back. If they do not observe physical limitations, they will likely deny the claim. Again, there is little correlation between the person’s ability to work and their range of motion. Gender, age and the time when the test is administered can all affect test results for lumbar range of motion.

If you cannot work due to back pain, talk to the professionals at our Chicago Social Security law firm. Even when a medical report documents the seriousness of the person’s limitations, the ALJ might still deny the claim for lower back pain. Our Chicago SSD attorney can ask for clarification when your doctor testifies on the stand.

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