Disability Lawyers in ChicagoWhen you work with your disability lawyers in Chicago on your disability case, they will tell you that it is very important for you to both establish and thoroughly document your treatment history for your disability. If you do not have the medical records to support your disability claim, it is likely to be denied.

Using Medical Records to Document Your History of Treatment

Your disability lawyers in Chicago will encourage you to see your doctor regularly for treatment. This helps to establish that you are seeking and receiving regular care for your disabling condition.

Do Not Avoid Going to a Doctor

Many people avoid going to see their doctor, but when you are applying for disability, it is important that you do. You will need to get a thorough evaluation and assessment of your disabling condition. If you do not have insurance and have difficulty affording medical care, apply for Medicaid through your local Department of Social Services. If you are not eligible for Medicaid, then seek treatment at a low-cost or free clinic or at your hospital’s emergency room. If you apply for disability benefits without having seen a doctor, the Social Security Administration may send you to a doctor that contracts with them for an examination. Getting treatment records through your own doctor is far more preferable, however.

Describe Every Ailment or Condition You Suffer From to Your Doctor

When you do see your doctor, tell them about every ailment from which you suffer, including even minor ones. The Social Security Administration is more likely to believe you are disabled if you can clearly show you have sought medical help for the disabling conditions you have listed on your disability application.

Keep All Appointments and Follow Your Doctor’s Recommendations

Make certain that you keep all of your scheduled medical appointments and that you follow your doctor’s recommendations. Your application can be denied on the basis of your refusing to do treatment that may have enabled you to return to work.

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