Disability Lawyers in ChicagoThe Social Security Administration handles claims for those with mental disorders that prevent them from working, as your disability lawyers in Chicago will surely inform you. The authorities have regulations designed to help counselors assess your inability to work. They understand that, at times, everyone experiences difficulties on the job. Stress is a natural part of life. However, those with mental disorders may find it impossible to function normally. If you have a mental problem that makes gainful employment impossible, then your Chicago disability lawyers will want to discuss filing a claim for benefits. The Social Security Administration provides disability benefits to those who demonstrate that their being on the job is in the best interest of no one.

Who Can Receive Disability Benefits?

Not everyone with a psychosis receives benefits. For some, there are adequate coping measures. Perhaps you are able to adapt to being supervised after visiting the therapist. You may even find taking prescribed medication makes things progress more smoothly on the job. The presence of a mental disorder and success on the job do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can suffer from a malady, yet be a functioning employee. In general, you are a candidate for a disability claim if you seem to always get upset over trivial concerns. Your disability lawyers in Chicago will discuss exactly how the Social Security Administration defines “trivial.” If you cannot seem to ever get to work on time or miss an inordinate number of days, then perhaps you will need to consider filing a benefits claim. It is also important to consider whether you have extreme difficulty accepting supervision by others. Given that almost everyone has a boss, you will have to find a way to accept this fact or get help.

How Those with Severe Mental Disorders React When Triggered

There are a number of common triggers that cause a person with mental disabilities to react. Some cannot handle being confined in closed spaces, such as an office elevator, for example. Nevertheless, your case is unique, and the government has a duty to treat it as such.

  • They panic in certain situations.
  • They develop palpitations.
  • They experience shortness of breath.
  • They faint.
  • They suffer from hallucinations.

Low Stress vs. High Stress Jobs

The Social Security Administration does not tend to base its decisions, of whether to honor your benefits claim, on the type of job held. The government accepts that some jobs have a higher stress level than others. Yet, it would be unfair to assume that stress affects everyone similarly. Even in admittedly low stress occupations, those with severe mental disorders may find their triggers forcing them to perform inadequately. Your lawyer is the best source of information on just where your profession falls on the stress scale.

Get Help Filing a Social Security Claim From Experienced Disability Lawyers in Chicago

If mental problems make work impossible, you should consult with skilled Chicago disability lawyers.