Disability Lawyers in Chicago You verbalize your pain, but will the judge in your Social Security Administration case believe you without representation by disability lawyers in Chicago? Get help making the best case you can. The better your evidence in your disability case, the sooner your disability claim is approved and the sooner you will receive benefits. Disability lawyers in Chicago like the attorneys at Chicago Disability Law understand the kinds of credible medical evidence judges need to approve your disability claim. With a combined fifty years of experience, these disability lawyers Chicago provide representation and help for clients all over the Midwest.

You Need Credibility

In order to receive Social Security disability benefits, your statements about your pain and disability must be proven with medical evidence and work ability provided by medical professionals and other people who know you. If your claims are not substantiated by the medical evidence and reports filed, the adjudicator will then decide your credibility based upon their own judgment. Your statement of your symptoms may suggest greater impairment than the records substantiate. What does this mean? This means your best bet for establishing credibility is through your medical evidence and reports about your work ability, but that your statements are an important piece. The Chicago Disability Law has determined several factors the adjudicator will access when evaluating the evidence in your disability claim. These include:

Medical Evidence

Your medical evidence is a large part of your credibility. The adjudicator will review your medical records including those by physicians, psychologists, chiropractors, laboratory technicians and any other medical professional who has treated or examined you.

Work Ability and Daily Activities

The Social Security Administration may also review reports and statements about your treatment and response and medical history from people close to you from family, friends, co-workers and employers. Such statements may include details about your efforts to work and daily activities.

Social Security Administration Interviews

Employees of the Social Security Administration will record their observations of your behavior during interviews with you both in person and by phone.

Contact Disability Lawyers in Chicago

The Chicago Disability Law attorneys and trained staff know how to handle the judge presiding over your disability claim. They can help you substantiate your statements about your pain and disability using medical records, reports from expert medical professionals and employment records. Find out how by contacting experienced disability lawyers.