chicago ssd attorneyIf you’re looking to be approved for disability benefits, any Chicago SSD attorney can tell you that your credibility is an essential component of the approval process. Maintaining credibility throughout the process is key to your success.

Evidence to Assess Your Credibility

An adjudicator may assess your credibility by reviewing a variety of evidence. For example, he or she may review your lab tests and medical examination reports. Additionally, doctors, psychologists, and other health care professionals may submit medical records regarding your medical history that the adjudicator reviews.

The adjudicator can also evaluate statements that you made about your medical history, treatment you received, your response to treatment, your symptoms, your ability to perform certain work activities, and your daily activities.

Additionally, the adjudicator can review this type of information from third parties, such as co-workers, friends, and family. The adjudicator can also make his or her own credibility determination based on personal observation of you by him or her, or by other employees of the Social Security Administration.

Consistent Statements

A Chicago SSD attorney believes that one way to boost your credibility is to be consistent in your testimony and other aspects of your case record. The adjudicator can compare what you say during a hearing with what you said under different circumstances. For example, the adjudicator may review statements you made to a health care provider.

He or she may also evaluate statements that you made to the Social Security Administration during each stage of the process and your statements in other parts of the case record, such as reports and observations regarding your daily activities, symptoms, and behavior.

One important evaluation is whether your statements are actually consistent with medical exam and lab test results. If your statements are not consistent, this may not indicate that they are not credible. Symptoms can change, worsen, or improve over time, and that may impact the persistence, intensity, or functional effect of your symptoms.

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