Chicago Social Security disability lawyer - Man With Back PainWhen providing witness testimony during a Social Security disability hearing, our Chicago Social Security disability lawyer can offer suggestions for co-workers and supervisors who will testify about the case. Several helpful hints for testifying follow.

Co-Worker Testimony

A weak testimony is general, vague and does not include specifics. A strong testimony includes details, times, the type of work and the physical requirements. The witness should provide clear statements as to the abilities and limitations of the applicant and how these affect job performance. The co-worker can also report measurable and observable issues related to the applicant and their ability to work. Our Chicago Social Security disability lawyer works with witnesses during this process.

Supervisor Testimony

Supervisors should provide similar information to what is offered by co-workers. In addition, the supervisor should address attendance issues and report on the number of absences and the reasons for those absences. If the employee was terminated, the employer should give as much information as possible about the reasons for the termination, especially when the termination relates to the disability.

If the claimant is receiving disability from their former place of employment, the decision-maker should provide specific details about how and why they qualified for benefits. Our Chicago Social Security disability lawyer can prepare a supervisor for testifying at an SSD hearing.

Relating On-the-Job Disability to Social Security Disability

The supervisor should state their role in the decision-making process at the company regarding employee and disability matters. For example, if the worker has been out of work for six months, they could qualify for disability. If your supervisor is not sure about what to say during testimony at an SSD hearing, our Chicago Social Security disability lawyer can meet with them to help calm their fears.

Seek Legal Assistance From A Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyer

Testifying in a court setting is admittedly a pressure-filled situation. Our Chicago Social Security disability lawyer can provide suggestions that will ease the mind of a witness and help them relax when testifying. For help with your case, call Chicago Disability Law .