Chicago Social Security Lawyers flag and gavelChicago Social Security lawyers may examine and cross-examine several witnesses at your disability hearing. Vocational experts have a tremendous amount of influence in a case, sometimes being the sole reason why a particular claimant loses in a disability case.

Description of Jobs

The vocational expert provides information to the administrative law judge so that he or she will have a more accurate idea of your past relevant work. Chicago Social Security lawyers can explain that this work is the work you have performed during the last 15 years. The vocational expert describes how you were required to perform the job and how the job is generally performed in the national economy.

Skills Required by Your Job

Additionally, the vocational expert describes the necessary skill and level of exertion that is required to perform the past relevant work. In particular, the vocational expert may discuss the weight that you had to lift and carry. He or she may also discuss the distance and amount of time that you had to walk or stand on the job. The skill level pertains to how much time an average person would take to learn to do the job. The vocational expert also discusses the skills that you have that can be transferred to other jobs. The administrative law judge usually asks vocational experts a number of hypothetical questions to determine if you can perform certain jobs given particular limitations.

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