Chicago Social Security disability attorneyMany Northbrook Social Security disability lawyers are asked by claimants if they can continue to work while receiving Social Security benefits. While technically they can, our Chicago Social Security lawyers may caution them about the amount of earnings that they can make without being penalized. In order to determine if they will make this much, our lawyers can help explain what is and is not included in earnings.


First, claimants must understand what is included in the earnings amount. The earnings include any bonuses the claimant receives.


After including all of the necessary earnings, our Northbrook Social Security disability lawyers explain what is deducted from earnings. This includes any sick pay or vacation pay. These amounts are deducted because the Social Security Administration wants to know how much the claimant actually earns based on work that he or she performs. Another important deduction are specific medical expenses that the claimant’s impairment necessitates. These medical expenses must be impairment-related work expenses, such as attendant care, transportation or job equipment. Another possible deduction is a subsidy. A subsidy may exist when there is a significant discrepancy between the value of the claimant’s services and the amount that he or she actually receives in compensation. Such a situation may occur when the claimant is working for a family member. The Social Security Administration subtracts the subsidy before determining earnings.

Information for Your Attorney

When you meet with a disability attorney, you will be asked about your current rate of pay and how many hours you work. Usually, it is easiest to provide your lawyer with paycheck stubs so that your earnings can be calculated correctly. The attorney can compare this figure with the current Substantial Gainful Activity limit. You may still qualify for benefits even if you earn above this amount based on the principles outlined above and relevant guidelines.

Legal Assistance from Our Chicago Social Security Lawyers

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