Chicago Social Security LawyerOur Chicago Social Security lawyer can explain how the Social Security Administration measures your symptoms by using medical evidence. This can be a complex process that involves a great deal of subjectivity. A Chicago Social Security disability lawyer can explain that symptoms cannot be measured. However, the effects of symptoms can be observed. For example, pain cannot be measured on an objective level. However, pain may reduce joint muscle, cause muscle spasms, disrupt movement or cause sensory deficits. If this information is recorded in your medical records, it can help lend to credibility regarding your statements of pain.

Information in Medical Records

Your medical records may contain a wealth of information that your Chicago Social Security disability lawyer can use to substantiate your claims. For example, medical records usually show the date and original report of symptoms. This information can often be used to derive an onset time period. Additionally, medical records detail the nature and location of your symptoms. Medical records indicate the advice that a doctor recommended and your response to this advice. They also include information regarding precipitating and aggravating factors. Your medical records will also create a chronology of sorts in which your symptoms are recorded and then followed throughout time. This can show if they have gotten worse, improved or stayed the same. Additionally, your treatment and response to treatment is recorded in a similar fashion. Your statements regarding how routine activities have been affected by the medical condition and symptoms is also chronicled in your medical records. Likewise, any side effects that you have experienced due to medication or treatment is also recorded.

How This Information Is Used

The judge or decision maker may compare the information in your medical records with other statements that you have made in your documents to the Social Security Administration. Consistency often lends to credibility. Additionally, a medical record that shows that a person sought medical treatment, followed the recommended treatment and continued attempts to obtain relief from symptoms like pain supports a claimant’s contentions.

Help from a Chicago Social Security Lawyer

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