Chicago Social Security lawyer - CalendarNo matter how hard you try to meet a deadline, sometimes life gets in the way. However, when you’re dealing with the Social Security Administration there are very specific guidelines with regards to what constitutes a “good cause” for missing a deadline. Your Chicago Social Security lawyer will be extremely familiar with what is acceptable to the SSA. It is important that you stay in contact with your Chicago Social Security attorney to ensure you won’t fall too far behind with your filing requirements.

Examples of Good Cause

As your Chicago Social Security lawyer will explain, the Social Security Administration allows for nine different reasons for missing a deadline. Obviously, a serious illness is top of the list. However, you and your Chicago Social Security attorney will have to demonstrate that the illness was so severe that it even prevented someone in your family from contacting the SSA. If there was a death in your immediate family, then the Social Security Administration will allow for a missed deadline. The same holds true if any of your records were recently damaged through fire, flood or some other accident. Your Chicago Social Security lawyer will be able to present these explanations to your Social Security Administration representative.

When the SSA Is at Fault

Just because you and your Chicago Social Security lawyer are working hard to make the proper filing doesn’t mean that the SSA won’t ever be at fault. You could miss a deadline if you weren’t given the right information about your review. Perhaps you or your Chicago Social Security attorney never received notification. If too much time has passed between notices, then you should contact your Chicago Social Security lawyer and ask them to follow up on your behalf.

Avoid Confusion With the Help of Your Chicago Social Security Lawyer

Believe it or not, the Social Security Administration also accepts being confused by information they provided as a good cause. You can avoid confusion when you retain the services of a skilled Chicago Social Security lawyer. The attorneys working for the Chicago Disability Law office understand how the SSA works. They will be happy to share their knowledge with you. Call their offices today to discuss your claim.