Chicago Social Security law firm - Doctor with PenThere will be times when you will wish to contact your Chicago Social Security law firm attorney. The following guidelines can assist you in determining what constitutes an appropriate reason to call.

Seeing Your Doctor
Your Chicago Social Security law office lawyer does not need to be advised if all you’re doing is seeing your physician for ordinary care. There is a form on which you can document all treatments and medical visits between the present and your hearing date. Your attorney will provide it along with the letter that gives you the date for your hearing.

Your Chicago Social Security law firm attorney will, however, need all relevant contact information for any medical personnel or facilities that you are using whether these are physicians, therapists, emergency rooms, hospitals or other treatment centers. You can keep your lawyer up to date on these by collecting their business cards and forwarding them to your attorney’s office.

Barring the unexpected, contact between you and your Chicago Social Security law firm will probably be minimal until the date for your hearing arrives.

When to Call
Your Chicago Social Security law firm attorney should be advised if something out of the ordinary occurs. This may include situations like the following:

  • There is a significant change in your physical condition whether it is improvement or deterioration.
  • Your diagnosis is altered by your physician.
  • You are puzzled or uncertain regarding SSA forms.
  • You are admitted into a hospital.
  • You wish to resume full- or part-time employment.
  • Some part of your contact information changes.
  • Your Chicago Social Security law firm has not yet notified you of your scheduled hearing date, but your Notice of Hearing has already reached you.
  • You are contacted by the SSA.
  • A form is sent to you from a judge that must be completed by the treating physician.

For Help or More Information
Your Chicago Social Security law firm is well placed to provide you with guidance and assistance. Call Chicago Disability Lawyer today.