Chicago Social Security disability law firm - Judge Sincere, honest testimony from lay, or non-expert, witnesses may play a significant role in the decision of your disability claim, supported by your Chicago Social Security disability law firm. Almost all Social Security claims need good and capable lay witnesses.

Corroborative Lay Testimony

Sometimes lay testimony is used to simply corroborate or verify your testimony. The following example shows how a Chicago Social Security disability lawyer may do that:

Q: How often are you able to personally observe the claimant?
A: Each day.
Q: Have you been present throughout the testimony of the claimant?
A: Yes.
Q: Would your answers be essentially the same, or exactly the same, as those the claimant gave if I asked you the same identical questions the claimant was asked?
A: Yes, they would.
Q: As you observed the claimant as he testified today, did he testify truthfully?
A: Yes.

Before and After Lay Testimony

Your lawyer may request testimony of a “before and after” nature from a lay witness. Testimony of this type contrasts before-disability condition to after-disability function.

An ineffective example would consist of having your husband testify you have low back pain, are totally disabled and that you need the disability money. Rather than emphasizing his observation, this testimony simply gives conclusions.

A more effective approach is having your husband testify that you have been together for 29 years, that you always work hard at whatever you do, that both of your incomes are needed to meet expenses, that you are distraught since you are no longer contributing to the family income and that he has had to start a second job.

Additionally, it will help if he gives his observations of your impairments, testifies how they limit your actions, particularly your work functions, and verifies the medical regimen you are following. He can also testify in detail how you tried to pick up your three-year-old granddaughter and dropped her, how you are unable to sleep in bed but must spend the night in a chair and that you can no longer carry groceries in from the car or do household chores such as vacuuming.

Contacting a Chicago Social Security Disability Law Firm

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