Chicago Disability Lawyer law court microphonesThe Social Security Hearing Room

Most Social Security hearing rooms closely resemble a small conference room. It sometimes will have a few official trappings such as the symbol of the Social Security Administration or the American flag.

Hearing rooms are usually equipped with a conference table, and another small table for the judge’s assistant. In addition, there is a judge’s desk that is lifted slightly above the level of the conference table at which you’ll be sitting.

The Recording Equipment

Every Social Security hearing room will contain its own recording equipment, and that will be used to record your whole hearing. Because your hearing will be recorded, it is crucial that you speak clearly when you answer all questions. The microphones are quite sensitive to sound so they will be able to pick up your testimony from any part of the room if you speak loudly enough for the judge to hear. The microphone will not be able to capture your body language so avoid shaking your head and pointing. Also, “uh huh” and “huh uh” answers do not translate well. Always make sure to say “yes” and “no” if you can.

What Happens at a Social Security Disability Hearing

At a Social Security Disability hearing, a person will need to provide testimony as to why they should be found eligible for benefits. Individuals might be understandably nervous about speaking. A Chicago disability lawyer can review possible scenarios with a client to help him prepare for a hearing.

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