Your Chicago SSD attorney from Chicago Disability Law, presents this video to help you better understand the Social Security disability application review and approval process and to help you better prepare. Whether your claim is under review or your case is in appeal, there are steps you can take to improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

Steps to Take at the Disability Examiner Level

The government hires an outside contractor, known as the Disability Examiner, to conduct the first review of the merits of your case. To improve your chances of approval at this stage, be sure to submit all relevant medical records. Also, include your health care provider’s detailed assessment of your condition and your limitations with work. Also provide her contact information so the examiner can ask for additional documentation or details, if necessary.

Steps to Take at the Administrative Law Judge Hearing

Since up to 70 percent of claims for Social Security disability are initially denied at the Disability Examiner level, chances are high that you’ll need to appeal your case. Appeals are heard by an administrative law judge at a hearing where the only persons present are you, the administrative law judge and your Chicago SSD attorney, if you have one. To increase the likelihood of a ruling in your favor, be sure that the Social Security Administration has complete copies of all your medical records related to your case. During the hearing, answer the judge’s questions with respect and provide honest testimony.

Steps to Take at Any Level in the Process

Some advice applies at any stage in the disability claim application process:

  1. Do not miss deadlines.
  2. Respond to all requests for information promptly.
  3. Provide complete records.
  4. Maintain a respectful attitude toward all persons involved in your case.
  5. Be honest and do not exaggerate symptoms or discount your abilities.
  6. Consider speaking with an attorney for guidance in your case.

Contact a Chicago SSD Attorney

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