Chicago Social Security disability lawyer - Doctor Writing DocumentsIt is very possible that you will be told by the Social Security Administration that you must submit to an examination by a doctor of their choosing. The findings of this consultative examination will largely determine whether your claim is denied or approved. If it is denied, there are steps that you can take, but it is a good idea to hire a Chicago Social Security disability lawyer to help.

A Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyer on What to Do If You Feel the Exam Was Not Conducted Properly

When you go in for the examination you should strongly consider bringing a family member or friend along. As your Chicago Social Security disability lawyer will tell you, this individual can be a witness in case you believe the exam is conducted in a cursory manner. You may complain to the SSA afterwards, and, if you and your attorney’s concerns are substantial, this should be taken into consideration.

If the Exam Brings Unfavorable Results

If the consultative doctor’s findings do not accord with those of your own physician, your Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyer can ask your treating doctor to evaluate the discrepancy. Should his conclusion be plausible, the SSA should accept it. Your attorney can also subpoena the consultative doctor to answer questions at your disability hearing if your claim is denied.

Unfavorable Consultative Exam Results Are Not the Last Word

You can expect the consultative doctor not to agree with your treating physician. If this does occur, make sure that you have a Chicago Social Security disability lawyer in your corner who will fight for you. Call Chicago Disability Law today .