Chicago SSD Attorney balance book gavelYour claim has been processed, and the Social Security Administration has decided in your favor. In the paragraphs below, a  Chicago SSD attorney explains what happens now.

What Will Be Expected of You

Once the decision to award benefits has been handed down, you have done all that is required of you. There are no more forms to complete, nor do you need to go the SSA office in person. The final processing of your disability claim and the disbursement of your benefits will be handled by the SSA.

The only possible action on your part will occur if, after your date of entitlement, you have children who are minors. These would be children 18 years old or younger, and you are applying for benefits on their behalf. This also includes a 19-year-old child if he or she has not yet graduated high school, and your entitlement date has passed. An application will be necessary for your children, but this will not affect your personal benefits. These will be paid directly to you.

When to Expect Your Benefits

You should begin receiving back or monthly Social Security disability benefits in a month or two, unless you were applying for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, as well. SSI claims require additional time to process, so you may have a longer wait. The above-mentioned timeline usually applies assuming there are no unforeseen circumstances or difficulties that have caused your payments to be delayed.

After 90 Days

By this time you should have received either your first payments, information on when to expect them to begin, or notification of some type of problem or issue that has interfered with the disbursement of your benefits. If three months have passed and you have received nothing, that is, no payments and no notifications, you should contact your disability lawyer to look into the matter so that together you can determine the appropriate steps to take.

Contact A Chicago SSD Attorney

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