gavel balance chicago social security attorneyMany who receive Social Security disability (SSD) are completely unable to work. Others, who nonetheless meet the Social Security Administration (SSA) guidelines for disability, would welcome some additional income to supplement their SSD benefits. Contrary to common perception, SSA rules and regulations allow disability recipients to earn some income.

Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) Amount

The SGA amount, which may vary from year-to-year, is how much you are allowed to earn and continue to receive SSD. For 2015, the SGA is $1090. Although the most important point to understand is that any income in excess of the SGA may jeopardize future SDA benefits, a Chicago social security attorney can explain there are other considerations.

Trial Work Period

The SSA allows and encourages SSD recipients to test their ability to return to work. Accordingly, you can earn up to $780 in 2015 for a period of nine months out of a 60-month time frame and still retain 100 percent of your SSD benefits. It may be beneficial, therefore, to earn less than $780 so as not to trigger the initiation of a trial work period; it may be better to save this option for a time when you realistically may be able to return to work.

Gross Income

In general, the SGA and trial work period amount is gross income, but the amount the SSA will consider is reduced by any impairment-related work expenses.

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If you are considering earning additional income while receiving SSD payments, it is important to fully understand the implications. Call a Chicago Social Security Attorney.