Chicago Social Security disability attorney - Social Security CardFiling for benefits under the Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income programs may seem like an insurmountable task bogged down by bureaucratic red tape. However, the process is quite straightforward. A Chicago Social Security attorney provide additional information about the process.

A Chicago Social Security Attorney Explains Ways to Apply

If you became disabled and require Social Security disability benefits, then you undoubtedly have questions about how to apply. If you don’t already know about the three different application methods for SSD benefits, then you should watch this video for more information.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) allows interested parties to apply for benefits by phone, by Internet, or in person by visiting a local Social Security office. Those interested in applying by phone or in person need to call 800-772-1213.

A Chicago Social Security attorney can tell you that those who want to apply over the phone will be given a time and date when they can expect to get a call back from a representative. The application taken over the phone will be mailed to the claimant so that he or she can sign it.

If you plan on coming into an office to apply, the representative you talk to on the phone will give you an appointment date, directions to the office and inform you of the necessary paperwork to bring with you.

If you would like to apply online, you will need to visit the website at However, a Chicago Social Security lawyer will inform you that the Internet is not an option for those interested in applying for SSI benefits.

A Chicago Social Security Attorney Gives Advice on Applying

The most important thing for claimants to remember is to be honest and straightforward about your medical conditions. Also, a Chicago Social Security lawyer can tell you, claimants should explain their medical problems as they relate to their abilities to work when they fill out a Disability Report, which is required when a benefit application is submitted. A Chicago Social Security attorney will advise that those age 50 and younger must thoroughly explain why they are unable to perform any of the job duties they could perform during the last previous 15 years.

Contact a Chicago Social Security Attorney for Assistance

If you are interested in filing for disability and have questions, contact a Chicago Social Security attorney.