Doctors are often asked about their patient’s medical condition by the SSA (Social Security Administration) and the Chicago disability attorney handling the patient’s disability claim. This article addresses some of the questions asked by the doctors themselves.

When a patient files a disability claim, what bearing does the treating physician’s opinion have?

Chicago disability attorney - Doctor Writing on Clipboard Due to the special relationship between the treating physician and the patient, the SSA and claimant’s Chicago disability attorney views the doctor as the most authoritative source of comprehensive information concerning the claimant’s medical condition and impairments.

Consultative exams arranged by the SSA, short hospital visits, or analysis of test results cannot give the type of in-depth perspective a treating doctor can. 20 C.F.R. §404.1527(d)(2). The opinion of the treating physician, therefore, is considered with particular weight by the SSA and is also important to the Chicago disability attorney.

What kind of data might the SSA or a Chicago disability attorney require an treating physician to provide?

A Chicago disability attorney may ask for information directly related to the claimant’s condition. This may include data about how serious the impairment is, what type of impairment the patient has, how long the patient has suffered from this condition, and the degree to which the patient is affected by it. In addition, the SSA and Chicago disability lawyer will require information concerning how the condition is being treated, how the patient is responding, whether or not there are side effects from the treatment (and what those are), the patient’s ability to consistently perform fairly long-term work-related tasks or daily activities, and the projected length of time the impairments are likely to impede the patient’s capabilities.

With this information, the SSA and Chicago disability lawyer can form a comprehensive, accurate evaluation of the claimant’s work capabilities as well as a clear picture of the impairment and its related effects. 20 C.F.R. §§404.1513 and 404.1527, SSRs 96-2p, 96-5p, cf. 99-2p.

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