A Chicago Disability Lawyer Discusses What to Do When Benefits Are Delayed

Chicago disability lawyer - Social Security CardIf more than a few months have gone by since you were granted Social Security disability benefits and you have not been paid, you can approach the problem in three different ways says a Chicago disability lawyer.

Send a Fax to the Payment Center

You or your Chicago Disability lawyer can send the payment center a fax. If your benefits are being paid by the Office of Central Operations, which is located in Baltimore, you should send the fax to one of the modules or processing units. Your Social Security Number is used to assign the module to your case. If you are not sure which processing unit to send the fax to, your Chicago disability lawyer can find out for you.

Discuss Your Case with a Supervisor

You can talk about your case with a local Social Security office supervisor. Your lawyer can also speak with the supervisor on your behalf. Depending on the situation, the supervisor might be able to arrange for you to receive a prompt payment.

Contact a Congressional Office

Each Senator and Representative has a dedicated member of his or her staff who deals directly with the Social Security Administration. If you and your lawyer prompt a congressional inquiry, you may receive a speedy payment, says a Chicago Disability Lawyer.

Working with a Chicago Disability Lawyer

If you wish to speak with a lawyer about your Social Security disability case, please contact Chicago Disability Law, .

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