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It is a tribute to the expertise of Mr. Daley that a veteran litigator such as CLIENT would seek Mr. Daley’s services for work in this court. – DISTRICT COURT JUDGE

Attorney Testimonials

“After reviewing a good deal of ERISA law (7th Cir. case law), I came to recognize that your name is widely associated with ERISA matters. I am satisfied that I chose the correct attorney to discuss these issues with, not only because of your expertise, but also your willingness to explain the basics to me … I sincerely appreciate your time and help.” -Jon N
“With Client’s Occupational Disease Act claim, third party claims and Social Security Claim/disability pension claim, there are a lot of moving pieces. I can think of no one I would rather have on board to help Client navigate these waters.” Very truly yours, Robert B.

Client Testimonials

Here are some things our clients say about us.

Mr. Daley expressed a true concern for my health and we had many conversations that demonstrated he cared about me as a person and always gave me sound advice.- CLIENT

Mr. Daley is for me what I think all attorneys should be. He is a man of integrity and that is what you hope for when you find yourself in need of legal representation. – CLIENT

Although the wait seemed long, you and your staff were very informative and this is just a note of sincere gratitude. – CLIENT

Thanks for being at the hearing and I wont forget that you even gave me transportation home. I didn’t know what to expect but again the explanation along the way to the end. Hopefully I am back on track again! I will call and still refer those with similar needs.

P.S. Please let your entire staff know that I had the pleasure of helping me, I can’t remember their names now, but I appreciate their patience as well as kindness! -CLIENT

Though difficult for the obvious reasons, your involvement has made this process infinitely more tolerable. Please know of my sincere appreciation for your efforts. With Very Best Regards, CLIENT

I can honestly say that my experience proves that Mr. Frederick Daley really knows his business when it comes to the Social Security Disability Claims. During the 8 long years of arduous processing and proceedings he never flinched or gave up in his belief and expertise to finally see my case come to a happy conclusion. I would confidently recommend to anyone needing the assistance of a Claims Advocate like Mr. Frederick Daley to fight and show the professional tenacity in the claim for disability against the Social Security Administration. You will not be disappointed.

I am at a loss for words for everything that the staff has done for me. It hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated!

I just wanted to say thanks again for your help with my disability matters. As the year comes to a close, I wanted to make sure that you knew how much your help meant to me…Your help really was instrumental in helping me obtain a quick resolution. More importantly, your advice and guidance was simply reassuring to me and my wife. CLIENT.

I want you to know that your services were invaluable and that I could never pay you for your empathy, encouragement and wise counsel during these difficult months, CLIENT.

Dear Mr. Daley, I would like to thank you, and your team, for your fine representation of Minnesota citizen, CLIENT, in the appellate stage of his social security disability fight. You brought home a victory for his disability awards by filing his case, in federal district court. Congratulations and thank you! Sincerely, Al Franken, UNITED STATES SENATOR

I am eternally grateful to you for your expertise and the professional manner in which you treated me and handled this claim. Sincerely, CLIENT.

Fred, It’s “Nice” to have the best Lawyer. CLIENT.

Fred, Thanks for breathing life into a claim I really thought was dead. Kim Jones is an asset to your office. Regards, CLIENT.

Dear Fred and Staff, For everything, to everyone involved, thank you for my successful outcome, CLIENT